Straight-up Metal Buildings

“Fast, easy to work with and came in on budget…”

We had a new website built a few years ago and it was compromised shortly after being uploaded. We contracted a couple web designers to patch it back together and it has been problematic and very difficult to work with ever since. I came across Corey by luck one day and discussed our website issues to him expressing our reluctance to try yet another designer. He assured me he could figure out our issues and update the site to include the large wish list we have wanted to have done for a very long time.

Corey got into the site and found all the issues and managed to repair and update our website in the exact amount of time he estimated with everything we asked for. I would highly recommend Corey to anyone looking for a new or updated site. He is fast, easy to work with and came in on budget for our site. He not only met our expectations but in my opinion is the most knowledgeable web designer that I have ever dealt with.